From Boston Spas to Monaco…Financial planners tie their shoes for massive charity challenge

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All eight members of the Berry & Oak team will participate and aim to walk 2 million steps (about 900 miles) in May. This is equivalent to walking from a spa in Boston to Monaco.

The people behind this incredible feat say they wanted to do something to stay healthy, but wanted to give something back to the communities they work for.

Berry & Oak Chartered Financial Planner Sarah Elson said: “Each year, business staff participate in charity work.

Berry & Oak staff hope to walk 2 million steps in MayBerry & Oak staff hope to walk 2 million steps in May
Berry & Oak staff hope to walk 2 million steps in May

“This year we were wondering what we could do to help everyone get a little more active and make time for themselves.

“Some people on the team suggested that a step challenge would be a good idea, especially since we could all participate and not have to buy any equipment.”

“We all set individual goals for ourselves and create a countdown sheet each week to see how we are progressing.

“Our office is in Boston Spa, so we go for walks at lunchtime and encourage each other.

“As a company, we are always passionate about supporting local and community charities. We wanted to raise money to support the work of WiSE, but at the same time, we wanted to share with our clients and connections how this charity can help those they know. I wanted to raise awareness of what is possible.”

The team hopes to raise £1,000 and use it to enhance WiSE’s core services.

WISE is a registered charity funded by Leeds City Council (LCC). Its aim is to improve the quality of life for those over 60 by providing community-based activities, information, assistance and support.

Last year, he received a volunteer service award equivalent to an MBE.

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WiSE Wins Queen’s Award for Volunteerism

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