French First Lady’s Relatives Assaulted by President Emmanuel Macron’s Raise Retirement Age | French First Lady’s Relatives Assaulted World News


French First Lady Brigitte Macron has issued a statement condemning the physical assault of her great-nephew as protests continue across the country against her husband’s pension reforms. Condemning the “cowardice, stupidity and violence” of the assault, President Brigitte Macron said: “I am in complete solidarity with my family and have been in constant contact since 11 p.m. I have repeatedly condemned that violence in the United States can only lead people,” he said. for the worst. “

A chocolate shop run by Jean-Baptiste Trogneux, grand-nephew of French First Lady Brigitte Macron, can be seen (AFP)

Her relative, Jean-Baptiste Trogneux, 30, owns a family-owned chocolate shop in the northern French city of Amiens. He was on his way to an apartment above a chocolate shop when he was attacked, according to the Associated Press. Her father, Jean-Alexandre Trogneux, said the attackers insulted “the president, his wife and our family” before fleeing.

Police said eight people had been arrested in connection with the assault.

French President Emmanuel Macron has condemned the violence as “unacceptable. It shocks everyone” and has vowed to continue with his unpopular pension reforms, raising the retirement age from 62 to 64.

“He was assaulted because he is our great-nephew,” said President Emmanuel Macron. I can’t,” he said.

Brigitte Macron’s family has run a chocolate shop for six generations. It specializes in ‘Amiens macaroons’, a local almond-based confection. This company has also been targeted before.

Other French politicians also expressed sympathy for the First Lady and condemned the attack.

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