Fox-MAGA Florida Government Can’t Handle Truth

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Let’s be clear, it’s fine for Florida students to be exposed to constant on-screen violence and regular reports of mass shootings in schools and malls, but the books and social media that feature gay children are no problem. An analysis of isms, or a reference to socialism, is fine. Will the Black Lives Matter movement in class hurt their tender sensibilities?

The state’s (Miss) Department of Education isn’t on the laurels at the moment, with publishers censoring social studies textbooks, soft-pedaling, and being “acceptable” by the dominant stupid and haughty crowd. Why are you insisting on making it a thing? public schools in Florida.

School Commissioner Manny Diaz speaks during a post-Hurricane Ian Update press conference Oct. 3, 2022. Credit: Screenshot/Florida Channel

Really, someone should check Manny Diaz’s reading test scores. Once again he confuses information with advocacy.

Threaten editors to remove references to George Floyd from books (God forbid we should discuss in Florida schools the man whose police killing sparked an international anti-racist movement). , or even after having questions about “social justice issues” removed from the book, the Hebrew Scriptures still contained “inaccurate or ideological rhetoric.” Still refused the percent.

By “inaccuracy” we mean stark factual examples of state-systematized racism. By “ideological rhetoric,” I mean a language that does not endorse Ron DeSantis’ own ideology. In other words, America was founded on excess virtue and the grace of God, not the product of a nasty revolution in which many genuinely believed in ideology. While the Illuminati promised freedom and justice (for white men, of course), others feared the entrenched abolitionism in Britain and wanted to keep the slave labor that enriched them. board. Or a combination of the two of them.

baked in

Fox-MAGA Florida government refuses to acknowledge that inequalities are built into America’s system, from medicine to law to education, even if it’s as obvious as Donald Trump’s fake tan right.

Note to the DeSantis Administration: Systemic racism is real. Transgender people do exist. Drag queens are not a threat. A fertilized egg is not a baby.

What’s not true: Teachers “instill” children with “leftism”. The new coronavirus vaccine puts young people at increased risk of heart attack. Everything Tucker Carlson has ever said.

Throughout American history, so many brave people have fought for truth and against lies, prejudice, and oppression. Everyone should be proud of this.

Throughout American history, so many brave people have fought for truth and against lies, prejudice, and oppression. Everyone should be proud of this.

The American flag flutters in the wind. Credit: Getty Images.

But not especially in Florida. For example, Black Lives Matter. Or the kneeling athletes – Republicans say this encourages the overthrow of the United States, the establishment of a Maoist atheistic dictatorship that bans the Bible, or the like.

In one elementary school social studies textbook’s “Symbols of America” ​​class, parents discuss the national anthem with their children and why some people “kneel” to “protest police brutality and racism.” is proposed.

That part has now been removed. This is a shame, because kneeling during a screening of The Star-Spangled Banner is a wonderfully peaceful way to call attention to injustice. no one gets hurt. And if parents really want to educate their children about American history and national symbols, they should explore Francis Scott Key’s dubious lyrics, especially the third verse about “The Hireman and the Slave,” and this is a derogatory reference to former slaves who fought for and won their freedom for Britain. .


Last year, the state denounced a plethora of math books for being “awake,” deliberately referenced minorities in word problems, and woven the dark elements of social-emotional learning into its lessons.

Listen to Ron DeSantis’ rant for 10 seconds and you’ll understand why he’s uncomfortable with social-emotional learning. He has no social skills, is emotionally subnormal, and “learning” is the exact opposite of his political projects.

Now, fueled by raucous “freedom moms,” the state’s new cry is “age-appropriate.” Just like that book/learn/picture isn’t “age-appropriate”.

On September 4, 1957, 15-year-old Elizabeth Eckford attends Little Rock Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, when she is stalked by a disgruntled mob. She had been blocked from attending school by the state of Arkansas. The National Guard and President Dwight D. Eisenhower were forced to send in U.S. troops to ensure a safe escort for the African-American freshmen. The girl behind Eckford on the left is Hazel Massery. (Photo Credit: FPG/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

“Mothers” and those guys in the governor’s office can’t define “age-appropriate.” All they mean is things that offend, frighten, or confuse the parent (not the child). Of course, you might try to consult a pedagogical expert, but they won’t. Trained teachers are now the enemy.

Suppression, censorship, and deletion of educational materials are widespread in Florida schools, as is gastroenteritis. Wakulla County recently ruled that a graphic novel about Little Rock Nine, the black children who consolidated Arkansas’ state capital Central High School in 1957, was not “aged” for schoolchildren.

The book is written at the 3rd grade level of elementary school and is mostly illustrated, but after a parent complained, the board of education decided that the book was “difficult for elementary school students to understand.” bottom.

I think I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. I used to think that teaching meant helping children understand what they were reading. I find it much easier to use the term “age-appropriate” to ban what I don’t like.

“Left-Handed Porn Advocate”

In Leon County, parents complained about a children’s book about tennis legend Billie Jean King. In it, King said, “I can’t help who he fell in love with.”

It turns out that BJK is married to a woman! Children must never find out!

Even if their friend actually has two moms.

I recently wrote an article about banned books for Flamingo Magazine, in which I was pissed off about the books Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe and This Book Is Gay by Juno Dawson.・I angered the avid fans of Liberty. She called them “porn instruction manuals on how to have gay sex” and called me a “left-handed porn advocate.”

Dawson and Kobabe are award-winning authors whose books are loved by teenagers after seeing them. Librarians (remember, they are professionals who choose books for educational purposes) support the work of Dawson and Kobabe in exploring identities outside the heterosexual, white, and Christian categories favored by the DeSantis administration. I’ve been

But Florida has decided to institutionalize ignorance and fear everywhere. A public baker in Orlando recently refused to write “transgender deserves joy” on a cake decoration. They had no problem with the “deserved pleasure” part, but apparently were afraid to take a “political position” themselves.

teachers are leaving

Or maybe the DeSantis Pastry Police burst in.

A “don’t say gay” bill currently bans discussion of sexuality and sexual orientation through eighth grade, and the state school board has passed a 12-day extension to the ban.

Teachers, scholars, librarians will quit – unless they are fired first. At New College, a once-prominent liberal arts college, the military government that runs the school fired its deputy dean and university librarian, Helen Gold, three weeks before the end of the semester.

New College’s ruling military government cited “reorganization” as the reason. There is no doubt that it is just a coincidence that she is LGBTQ+.

New College is a template for what is happening in all levels of education across Florida. We no longer care about knowledge. We don’t care about truth. we are with fools

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