Four deals to close as Perspective expands into new territories

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Ian Wilkinson
Ian Wilkinson

Perspective Financial Group has completed four further acquisitions, including companies in the Midlands, North East and North West, and has signed an agreement to open the business’s first Northern Ireland office.

Tees Valley Asset Management Ltd, Leicester-based P Bennett & Associates Ltd, Manchester’s Oak Financial Management (MCR) Ltd and Belfast’s Marlborough Place Ltd have been acquired.

Perspective, which now has 27 offices, has completed eight acquisitions since the beginning of 2023, taking a total of 63 acquisitions since the Group’s founding 16 years ago.

In addition, the group has signed seven more contracts, all of which will be completed in the coming months.

Gary Blakemore, Managing Director of Tees Valley Asset Management, said: “Last year, I am deeply saddened by the sudden and tragic passing of my dear friend and business partner, David Snowden. Getting help and support from big domestic companies was essential.

“Several companies were interested in acquiring my business.

Paul Bennett, founder and director of P Bennett & Associates, said: “When I realized that I was no longer young and that I needed to address the issue of succession planning, I sought ways to move forward to protect the interests of my clients. It’s for

“By joining Perspective, I found a company that shares the same values ​​as mine and offers professional and personal advice to the entire market.”

Martin Blackman, director of Oak Financial Management (MCR), who has been advising clients for nearly 40 years, said he is now planning to retire.

“I am delighted to be joining Perspective as it provides me with long-term security for providing financial advice to my clients and gives me confidence knowing they are in good control. I will be able to leave the company as soon as possible,” Blackman said.

Marlborough Place director Eamon Southwell said:

“While we have operated as part of On-Line Partnership Ltd since our founding in 2013, the best long-term solution for our clients and staff is to merge with a larger partner who can provide the necessary assistance and support. We decided it was time to explore, to sustain and grow our business.”

Perspective CEO Ian Wilkinson said the deal added 880 more households as clients and added £240m in assets under management.

“We have one of the largest acquisition pipelines to date, both large and small, and we enjoy the opportunity to grow further in size and pace,” he added.

“Nine years old, our Perspectives Academy is the cornerstone of ensuring we have a strong pipeline of future talent to support our growth plans. , with more than 40 staff members, including financial planners, building capabilities to support future growth and provide excellent career prospects for our employees.”

In 2020, Perspective secured an investment from CBPE Capital.

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