Former WCW wrestling star battling Alzheimer’s near retirement: report


According to multiple reports, former WCW star Vampiro is preparing to ditch his wrestling boots altogether.

The 55-year-old, whose real name is Ian Richard Hodgkinson, was reportedly on the retirement tour of Lucha Libre wrestling. But he did while he was reportedly battling Alzheimer’s disease.

So instead of his intended three-year plan, he reportedly cut his 35-game farewell to just one or two more games. per SB nationAfter he took a few blows to the head, it apparently became real for him— SB Nation said one condition For him, wrestling was about him not getting hit in the head — including one blow that reportedly put him in the hospital for nine days.

One of these instances was recently at TripleMania at Lucha Libre AAA. Former WCW star Konnan was reportedly coordinating a match involving Vampiro. That match was shared on social media as at one point Vampiro stopped attending the match. Conan explained that it was because he had been hit on the head. Konnan told the referee that he told the wrestlers in the ring with Vampiro to look more aggressive.

“So he went and I think I potatoed him when I kicked him,” Conan said. “And he (Vampiro) has a problem. I think I kicked like that.

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“And Vampiro was[expletively]saying, ‘I can’t believe this guy hit me in the head,'” he continued. went outside and said, “Don’t touch me.” don’t touch him ‘”

Konnan said he questioned Vampiro about the incident after the game.

“He says, ‘Man, you know I have Alzheimer’s, and he kicked me hard in the head, and I lost it.'”

Hodgkinson started wrestling in 1984, but probably had WCW’s most popular matches from 1998-2001. That included a stint in which he joined with his Insane Clown Posse and Raven to form “The Deadpool.” He also had a program with Sting.

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