Former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles considers retirement but says casual fans don’t even recognize him


Five years after hoisting the Eagles’ first Lombardi Trophy, former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles may bid farewell to the NFL for good. The 34-year-old quarterback, recently released by the Colts, the third team since leaving Philadelphia, admitted during an appearance at California’s Mariners’ Church that he’s considering retirement after 11 years in the league. rice field.

“For nearly every year of my career, I was on the verge of retirement,” Foles said. Philadelphia Inquirer“Each offseason, I think, ‘Do I still want to play? Do I still want to keep going?’ ‘Cause I was able to get it off years ago and it was just about Christ.

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More than that, he is both a husband and a father, Foles added. That’s why he congratulates himself on leaving the Colts after just one season as Indianapolis backup, calling it a “good thing” for his family. A key reason Foles wanted to play at Indy was former Colts coach and offensive coordinator in Philadelphia, Frank Reich, he said, adding that now that the quarterback is free agency again, he’s more aggressive at home. said that it can work on

“Find a way to stay with[the family]and realize that when they’re older, it’s amazing. this “It’s going to be important,” Foles explained, adding, “It doesn’t matter that I played in the NFL or won the Super Bowl.”

And apparently it doesn’t matter much to the people he meets in his everyday life away from football. Foles added that despite his key role in the Eagles’ historic title win, he received little public recognition from fans, further smoothing his retirement prospects. He even recently suggested that a teammate of his might have been able to go pro as a tight end because of his size when he was playing pickleball. After Foles told the man he had been an NFL player for over a decade and was actually with the Super Bowl-winning Eagles, the man didn’t even remember Foles coming off the bench. It is said that

There is no doubt that this encounter did not occur in Philadelphia.

In any case, as he noted, this isn’t the first time Foles has considered leaving the game. He told YouVersion in 2017 that he was close to retiring after a rocky tenure with the Rams, but hinted at a pastoral career after his second term with the Eagles.

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