Former NFL star says he plans to come back from retirement to join Jets’ Aaron Rodgers


Aaron Rodgers has been with the Jets for less than a month and has already fully revitalized the team.

Not only have tickets sold faster since his arrival in late April, but they have been handed over to the Jets. The 2023 schedule includes five prime-time games.This is a huge improvement over last year when only one was given. On top of that, Rodgers’ addition has led at least one former NFL star to declare he’s returning from retirement just to play alongside the four-time NFL MVP.

That former star was Brandon Marshall, who on a recent episode of his podcast “I Am Athlete” was asked if the former NFL receiver would be interested in playing for the Jets given the opportunity.

“Yes” Marshall responded immediately.

The six-time Pro Bowler has spent his entire career as a receiver, but said he wouldn’t mind a move to tight end if he got the chance to play with Rodgers for a season.

“This is why I’m ready when the call comes in that I’ll be back as the New York Jet at tight end. We’re going to win the Super Bowl,” Marshall said. “I can contribute at a high level and this is what I can give you guys: 45 catches all year, 20-30 plays per game and I’m going to give it. ” You have eight touchdowns. “

Marshall has had a prolific 12-year career, earning six Pro Bowl selections and All-Pro honors in 2012, but he hasn’t played in the NFL in five years, so that’s where it ends up. He will not make a comeback. Marshall, who turned 39 in March, was also asked if he could handle being hit. He seemed reluctant to do so.

“When you watch the game now, you’re like, ‘How the hell did you do that?'” Marshall said. “At first, you might get hit and think, ‘Why did I do this?'”

Marshall has history with the Jets. Not only did he spend two seasons with the team (2015-16), but he also led the NFL by scoring 14 touchdowns in his first year with the Jets. Marshall also knows Rogers well. After playing three seasons (2012-2014) with the Bears,

The problem for Marshall is that the Jets don’t seem to have room for the 39-year-old tight end right now, but if they do, they know who to call.

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