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Three famous names in the financial services industry, Mel Holman, Caroline Stewart, Melissa Kiddthis summer we will combine these for a one-day communication workshop on: Wednesday, July 26th Near Birmingham.

Focused on ensuring reports and communications are client-friendly, clear, and compliant, including financial advisors, planners, paraplanners, and anyone involved in the creation and review of reports and

This hands-on training day will help you address the misconception that compliance “gets in the way of creating client-friendly reports.” This misconception about what should be included in a report often makes the report longer and more complex than necessary.

Understanding consumers is a core component of a company’s consumer obligations. It is therefore important that companies help their teams upgrade their skills and knowledge in preparation for the July 31st implementation.

This workshop leverages the skills of three experienced professionals. Mel Holman, is a certified financial planner who has worked in the compliance field for over 20 years. Mel is the Director and Founder of Compliance and Training Solutions (CATS).

caroline stuartA Certified Financial Planner, he has been involved in financial and paraplanning for over 20 years. She brings extensive technical and compliance knowledge, as well as many years of experience in training and mentoring paraplanners and financial planners. She runs her Sparrow Paraplanning and Sparrow Solutions.

Melissa Kidd He also has over 20 years of experience in the communications field. Her background is in psychology and she has worked in the financial industry for over ten years helping professionals communicate more effectively. She is a director of Motem Ltd.

Caroline Stewart says: “Making communication more client-friendly, easier to read and more engaging is the ultimate goal of report writing. It helps make communicating with people something you want to read, not something you just have to read.”

Entries are limited to 20 people, ensuring that everyone receives plenty of personal attention and a chance to participate. Participants leave feeling more confident with their ability to produce clear, concise and compliant reports and communications. The day will consist of discussions, exercises and joint hands-on practice sessions. Fun, casual, and very practical.

by attending a session You will learn:

  • Recognize what should and should not be included in a report in order to make it compliant
  • Identify and create smart and effective client goals
  • Follow the 7 rules of readability to ensure your clients understand, engage with, and enjoy the experience
  • Apply what you learn to create user-friendly, engaging, and compliant reports for your clients.

Booking details

Reservations are mandatory and cost £297 (+VAT) per location, lunch is included. To reserve a place for the event on July 26th from 09:00 to 17:00, please use the following link.

Workshop Venues: EBI, Suite 7, Beecham Business Park, Northgate, Aldridge, WS9 8TZ

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