Eric Bischoff doesn’t think Goldberg should have a retirement tour


In April, legendary Bill Goldberg said in an interview that his contract with WWE had officially ended and that he was considering a retirement tour “on his own terms.”

One of those who have challenged the move is former WCW Chairman Eric Bischoff, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame. In the latest edition of his 83 Weeks podcast, Easy E talked about the former two-time Universal Champion and explained why it’s bad for Goldberg to try his own tour.

There aren’t generations of Bill Goldberg fans out there. There are generations of Ric Flair fans. Ric Flair is definitely popular today in many ways. Bill is in business for five minutes when compared to someone like Ric Flair. I hope he gets a lot of money up front.

Bischoff adds that wrestlers should want to be remembered for how they performed at their peak, not in their later years.

I don’t want to see an inferior version of Bill Goldberg return to the ring, and if he doesn’t need the money, and I can’t imagine him doing that, I don’t see why he would.” said. “I just hope he doesn’t. Now he wants one to be reminded that he was at his peak.

Elsewhere on the podcast, Bischoff opened up about his recent health scare and how he’s had to have difficult conversations with his wife about possible death. increase.

(Reprinted from H/T, Wrestling)

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