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Do you have stock compensation? Do you use stock plans? Confused by all the jargon and technical jargon? Use our website’s free app for Apple and Android smartphones to instantly access myStockOptions.com’s equity comp expertise Now available. Stock Compensation Glossary.

Based on myStockOptions.com’s popular glossary, this convenient, searchable reference guide contains nearly 1,000 words, phrases, and defines abbreviations.

The Glossary app is available on the App Store (for Apple devices) and Google Play (for Android devices). This is the first and only smartphone app dedicated to the confusing terminology and jargon of equity and executive compensation.

Clearly written in plain English, our Glossary app covers terms related to all types of stock compensation including Stock Options, Restricted Stocks, RSUs, ESPPs and more. “Terms of the Day” helps users improve their technical vocabulary. You can quickly recall your recent searches. Simple navigation is easy to use. Users can test their knowledge with a fun interactive quiz he game in the app along with an interactive quiz on stock comp abbreviations on the website myStockOptions.com.

Other innovative multimedia services: videos, podcasts, quizzes

Companies are always looking for new ways to deliver stock plan education to employees who want more than traditional written content.of Stock Compensation Glossary is just one of the many innovative multimedia ways myStockOptions.com can help.

  • Lively videos serve as a gateway to detailed educational material on our website about stock compensation.
  • A fascinating podcast covering many topics related to stock compensation.
  • 18 fun and interactive quizzes on all aspects of stock compensation including restricted stock and restricted stock units, employee stock purchase plans, insider trading rules, financial planning and how work and life events affect stock compensation You can test your knowledge. .
  • Modeling tools, calculators, and equity compensation portfolio trackers help equity plan participants and/or their advisors manage equity compensation financial planning.

These multimedia services are a perfect complement to our articles, FAQs, tax guides, glossaries and other written resources, which form the core of our award-winning website content, along with our dynamic tools and calculators. increase. All content on myStockOptions.com is suitable for licensing by companies and stock plan providers to stock plan participants.

Disclaimer: The news site hosting this press release is not affiliated with myStockOptions.com. This is just publishing a company-submitted press release announcement without any express or implied warranty of any information, products or services. For tax advice, please consult your tax advisor or certified public accountant.

About myStockOptions.com

With award-winning content and tools, myStockOptions.com provides independent and unbiased expertise in stock options, restricted stock, restricted stock units, performance shares, stock appreciation rights, and employee stock purchase planning source of information. We specialize in making complex equity compensation topics clearly understood and relevant in plain English and engaging style. Our target audience is:

– Stock plan participants
– Financial Planner, Wealth Advisor, CPA
– Stock Plan Management, Human Resources, Compensation, and Finance Experts
– Attorneys, corporate lawyers and other legal staff

We offer services not only for individual members, but also for corporate customers.

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