Duality Advisers Increases Appian Corp. Stake by 15.8%: Latest Investment News and Developments

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Investment management firm Duality Advisers LP has increased its stake in Appian Co. by 15.8% in its latest 13F file filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The move prompted the company to purchase an additional 4,711 shares in his fourth quarter of 2020, bringing his total holdings to 34,561 shares, which was valued at $1,125,000 by the end of the period.

Virginia-based Appian Corp. specializes in business process management solutions for enterprise organizations, including BPM software, mobile application development, case management, and platform as a service. It was founded in 1999 by his four tech industry heavyweights: Matthew Wheeler Calkins, Michael Beckley, Mark Wilson, and Robert Charles Kramer.

Another piece of recent news concerns major shareholder Abdiel Capital Advisors LP, which acquired an additional 50,000 shares on February 8 at approximately $43.16 per share. As a result of the transaction, Abdiel’s representatives now own approximately $432 million worth of shares in all entities listed under the Appian Co name. Additionally, director Mark Stephen Lynch sold his 1,393 shares of Quailford’s Court stock for his $60,000 on February 27. He still holds ownership of over 30,000 shares.

Given these details and developments within Appian Corp’s investment landscape, which totaled approximately 206,444 shares (206k) of insider buying activity since the previous quarter, totaling approximately $9 million (US$9 million), there is room to maintain There are enough. Now, if you’re interested in breaking down this rapidly evolving technology, be careful.

Appian Corp Investment and Growth: Recent Holdings, Analyst Ratings and Earnings Update

Appian Corp is a business process management company that offers a variety of solutions including BPM software, case management, mobile application development and platform as a service. Founded in 1999 by Matthew Wheeler Calkins, Robert Charles Kramer, Marc Wilson and Michael Beckley, the company is based in McLean, Virginia. The company’s shares opened at $33.73 on Friday, the subject of several analyst reports.

Hedge funds and other institutional investors recently own 2,527 shares of the company worth $153,000 after PNC Financial Services Group increased its stake by 13.7% in the first quarter and acquired an additional 305 shares in the final quarter. This has increased Appian’s stake. Royal Bank of Canada also owns 3,718 of his shares worth $152,000 after acquiring an additional 352 of his shares during the previous quarter, a 10.5% increase in his holdings.

Captrust Financial Advisors significantly increased its position in Appian by 44.1% in the second quarter, and US Bancorp DE increased its stake by 8.1% in the first quarter. They now own 5,838 shares for a total of $355,000. Finally, Rhumbline Advisers said in the first quarter he owned 42,444 shares worth $2.581 billion, up slightly 1.1%.

Bloomberg reports that analysts have given two sell ratings with an average “hold” rating and four buy ratings to current shareholders, with a target price of $45.89 for Appian. I’m here.

Appian posted revenue of $125.79 million in its first quarter earnings data earlier this year, beating analyst expectations and delivering a stunning negative net margin of just -32%. His EPS for the fiscal year is expected to be negative $1.54. Despite the poor performance of the company, Appian remains committed to streamlining management processes and optimizing its platform offering.

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