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On Thursday, the Duncan Police Department and the city of Duncan hosted a ceremony to honor Sergeant’s retirement. rail baker.

In beginning his service, Sergeant. Baker was hired as a police officer by the Marlow Police Department in February 1992, and in 1994 worked for the Tanguipahoa Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana. He returned to Marlow Police Department in 1995, where he remained until May 2003 when he was assigned to Duncan Police Department. .

Throughout his career, Sgt. Baker has served as Basic Instructor, Advanced Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Defensive Driving Instructor, Less Lethal Instructor, Taser Instructor, and JPX Instructor. He further served as Patrol Officer, Lake Officer, Master Officer, Field Training Officer, and Sergeant, working patrols, surveys, and lakes. He was promoted to Patrol Sergeant in January 2014 and Investigative Sergeant in August 2020.

Sergeant Baker also taught at a civic academy, taught local businesses and churches about the “flee and hide struggle”, served as a member of the Special Response Team (SRT) as an assistant team leader, then as a team leader, and as an MRAP driver. retired. for the SRT team. He was the shooting range chief for the Duncan Police Department and helped build the indoor firing range for the Criminal Justice Complex. He is the first member of the Advanced Accident Team. He served as his FLEET manager of his DPD patrol unit and outfitted the patrol unit for patrols. When the City of Duncan, the Chamber of Commerce and other partners revived the tradition and brought it back to Duncan, he led and set up fireworks parking and security for the Fourth of July celebrations at Abe Raisen Park.

“Police officers like sergeants. Bakers are people who display courage, compassion, determination and an exemplary sense of duty,” said City of Duncan. “We thank him for what he has done for the citizens of Duncan and wish Rale and his family a happy retirement and the best of luck in his future endeavors.

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