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Donald Neal Jr. is the Financial Strategy Officer (Assistant Operations) at the University of Nebraska Omaha.

In his new role, Neil will partner with Carol Kirchner, MBA, CPA, Vice Chancellor for Operations and Finance, in developing budgets, business plans, and financial strategies to maximize the impact of UNO’s revenue-generating units. Provides strategic direction and leadership. Neil, who brings to her UNO more than 18 years of public and private sector experience in areas including financial accounting tax compliance, is primarily involved with her UNO athletics, her campus housing, and her micro-credentials.

“Donald brings to UNO a unique combination of skills and experience that will help Auxiliary Forces reach their full potential,” Lee said. “He has a keen understanding that a sound financial strategy will allow UNO to build a foundation for achieving its long-term goals. I look forward to seeing you do it.”

Neal currently serves as Senior Tax Director for the University of Nebraska (NU) System and Nebraska Medicine, and will continue to serve in that role while supporting UNO’s business and finances. Prior to commencing his role at UNO and his NU System, he served as KPMG’s Senior Tax Manager for Tax Operations of the He Development and Exempt Organization and Head of the He Nebraska Business Unit. During his tenure at KPMG, he managed client lists in Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Florida, Alaska and Missouri.

“Donald will be a great asset to our business and finance teams as he works with our campus partners to enhance their financial processes and strategies,” Kirchner said. It will be of great help to our university.”

“I am thrilled to be joining the UNO community as we explore new and innovative ways to serve students in Omaha and across the state,” said Neal. , making this an exciting opportunity.”

Neil is a very committed member of the Omaha community and prior to college he was the leader of KPMG Nebraska’s Inclusion and Diversity Council and the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce’s commitment to opportunity, diversity and equity. (CODE) as an advisory member. He has also served on several boards, including the Siena Francis House, Omaha Children’s Scholarship Fund, and the UNMC Board of Trustees.

Neil holds an MBA from Bellevue College and a BA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In college, he competed on the UNL men’s track and field and football teams and is a registered agent.

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