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Council approves VRS retirement benefits for EMTs and paramedics

Released at 8:15 pm on Thursday, May 4, 2023

Suffolk’s full-time emergency medical technicians and paramedics will begin receiving Virginia Retirement Plan Enhanced Hazardous Obligation Retirement Benefits with City Council approval at a meeting Wednesday.

As part of the May 3 Consent Agenda, the Council approved a resolution implementing retirement benefit enhancements.

“Currently, the Fire Department utilizes part-time paramedics and/or medically trained firefighters to station ambulances around the city,” said Mayor Albert S. Moore II. . “Fire chiefs want to recruit and retain full-time paramedics to assist staff with ambulances.”

Moore explained that the VRS Enhance Hazardous Duty Retirement Benefits have a retirement multiple of 1.5% when recommending approval.

This is due to a $2,500 Walmart Community Grant for the Sheriff’s Office Outreach Program, $5,000 funding from the Virginia Risk Sharing Association for the Suffolk Risk Management Program, Campbell Oil Company and Suffolk Executive Airport Virginia A resolution authorizing city administrators to enter into agreements with District 5 local governments to obtain grants from the Aviation Administration and the Virginia Office of Opioid Reduction.

Resolutions and other consent agenda items were approved by an 8-0 vote.

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