Cornell Creates Best Artificial Intelligence, Finance Talent Amid Market Boom


Cornell University has emerged as a prime destination for talent in finance and artificial intelligence, making students a coveted choice for employers in these highly competitive fields.

Financial firm Goldman Sachs only accepts 1.27% of applicants, but Cornell students are more likely than others to work for the world’s leading financial institutions, according to eFinancialCareers. increase. A recent article ranked Cornell University as her second most representative American university at Goldman Sachs, while Business Insider ranked Cornell University as a talented leader in the growing artificial intelligence field. mentioned as a hotspot.

“The academic breadth and talent diversity that exists at Cornell University makes Cornell students highly sought after by employer partners, including investment banking and technology,” said the Employer Relations and Professional Readiness Program. Manager Kimberly Swartz wrote in a statement to the Sun. “In recent hiring cycles, the labor market is highly competitive, with employers in both financial services and technology often hiring the same Cornell students.”

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