Controversial female former WWE superstar announces retirement from wrestling at just 32


The former female WWE superstar announced her retirement from wrestling in an emotional post on Twitter. After two years in WWE and an established career outside of it, Kimber Lee decided to retire from professional wrestling entirely at the young age of 32.

Unfortunately for Lee, she’s been in the middle of controversy for some time. However, that wasn’t the case as he found himself released from the company following an accusation from Lee over domestic violence.

She was then accused by Wes Lee’s wife, who called her out for mentally abusing Carter. There was a Twitter feud between the two after Wes Lee’s wife, Queen E. Murray, said Kimber Lee was lying. I wrestled for the last time in October 2008.

Now, the former WWE superstar has announced his retirement and says he no longer finds joy in wrestling. She said she never thought she would say her goodbyes to wrestling, but the time has come for her.

“Goodbye that I thought would never come again. The mistress who has ruled my life for the last 15 years. Sometimes wrestling was the best thing that ever happened to me. I went to places and never in my life have I dreamed of I didn’t realize it, but at the same time, there comes a time in everyone’s life when things can’t go on as they used to because circumstances and goals evolve and change.”

See the tweet below.

She added that she initially thought this would only be a break from wrestling. However, she no longer enjoyed wrestling and associated the sport with too many painful memories. .

β€œAt first, I thought this was just a break from wrestling, and after a while I thought I would be ready to come back in better shape than ever. , the more I think about it, the more I realize that my heart is no longer here. There are too many painful wounds in the world, and I am no longer going to give those wounds my power or control over my life.

Fans, like other wrestlers, sent her their best wishes, and she responded positively to them.

@LuFisto I love you too Luffy Thank you for being a wonderful person and friend. You never turned your back on me.

The former WWE star also intends to focus on other opportunities and careers beyond wrestling.

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