Civil Servant Elected to Pollution Prevention Task Force

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Also, the builder must self-certify that the project site is free of air pollution.

Three task forces, each consisting of three staff members, will try to control air pollution caused, among other things, by construction works in all wards of the city. File photo/ Pradeep Dhivar

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of Burihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has started appointing three district level members. task force Prevent dust pollution throughout the city.

These task forces, each consisting of three members, will visit spots, report and take punitive action through the District Offices in accordance with the Mumbai Air Pollution Mitigation Plan of civil society*.

BMC, on the other hand, requires contractors to make a self-certifying declaration that the project site is free of air pollution.

After Mumbai has seen high levels of pollution from construction work for some time, the mayor formed a commission in the second week of March to submit a report to address the threat.

A seven-member panel, composed under Additional Commissioner Sanjeev Kumar, proposed, among other things, the establishment of a task force at the ward level.
“Currently, task force appointments have begun and we are conducting field surveys in several wards,” city officials said.

He added that each of the three working groups has specific responsibilities such as building construction, road cleaning and fuel pollution.

BMC officials said the task force will work to control airborne dust at construction sites.

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The task force will review ongoing road and bridge construction work, including that carried out by BMC, and verify that dust control measures have been taken at project sites on a regular basis. It consists of assistant engineers (construction/factory), assistant engineers (construction proposals), and sub-engineers (road section). The task force also regularly visits construction and project sites to review dust control measures in place and techniques or methods used. Open burning of garbage will also be cracked down.

The task force that tracks street sweeping consists of Assistant Engineers (Solid Waste Management), Secondary Engineers (Conservation), and Horticultural Assistants (Gardens).

A task force to monitor the types of fuel used in establishments such as hotels, restaurants, dhaba, bakeries, restaurants, and food stalls has Assistant Engineers (Mechanical and Electrical), Medical Officers (Health), and Sub-Engineers (Mechanical and Electrical). consists of .

The three task force* members report to the Ward Officer. Penalties will apply at the project site if the rules are not enforced after initial notification. The task force is responsible for ensuring that disciplinary action is taken against erroneous contractors by the relevant ward office.

Number of members in each task force

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