City signs contract for new financial software, sports, jobs


Following the recent city council approval of a new financial software system, the city has struck a deal with Springbrook Holding Company LLC. It is hoped that this will make the city’s financial and payroll systems easier and more efficient.

Sundquist says the city has been using the same financial software since the early 2000s. KVS financial software was originally provided by a local company in the West New York area. Sundquist says the company has been acquired several times since the city first bought the financial software. The current owner of the software is he Springbrook.

The City Council recently decided to allocate $106,286.50 to purchase and maintain new financial and payroll software powered by Springbrook. The new software will allow the city to move its current in-house software to a cloud-based system, which Sundquist says will allow the city to do several things.

“First and foremost, update and automate payroll processing.” He said. “As a city, we have very complex payroll requirements because we have different shifts. First and foremost, being able to switch to a more modern payroll system not only saves staff time handling payroll, it also allows employees to You will have access to your payroll records.”

According to Sundquist, the new Springbrook software will allow employees to access payroll records via mobile apps and websites, as well as quickly make changes to employee tax and emergency reporting forms. Under the city’s current system, employees must make an appointment with the Finance Department to access a paper copy of each of these actions.

According to Sundquist, the new software will allow the city to automate processes such as employee vacation requests and scheduling, and allow managers to more easily approve employee timesheets and vacation requests.

“Not only will employees have access, but managers will also have access.” He said.

Springbrook software also allows the city to digitize documents such as invoices. Now, according to Sundquist, the city collects everything as paper bills. However, in 2020, the city also began scanning documents. The city will keep paper records of documents, but the new software will allow city departments to submit bills and send bills directly to a cloud-based system, Sundquist said. City treasurers can now review paperwork, review invoices or purchase requests, and charge the appropriate account, saving even more time for the city.

“This will allow us to place more orders and speed up some of that time.” Sanquist said.

Sundquist said the new software will also enhance the city’s financial reporting capabilities. While the city’s current software requires financial records to be exported from the software and formatted in Microsoft Excel, Springbrook’s new software comes with its own public reporting system.

“It has an additional component that makes basic financial data available to the public, not just financial.” Sanquist said. “I’ve talked a lot about the city government’s efforts to be more transparent, including how it uses funds. With one component of this software, you can do that. “

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