Chivalry 2 DLC Could Be Incredibly Awesome If Revisiting Deadliest Warrior

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Two years have passed since then chivalry 2 Launched on PS5, Xbox and PC platforms, the game has a loyal following, but a new resurgence of medieval FPS is underway. Thanks to Chivalry 2 on Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus, Torn Banner Studios brings many new knights into battle. This is the perfect opportunity to create a sequel DLC for Chivalry Deadliest Warrior.

After proving its thrilling concept as the Half-Life 2 mod, Age of Chivalry, 2012’s arrival of Chivalry Medieval Warfare was a glorious era for the first-person slasher. The game’s first medieval setting went a long way with the release of Chivalry Deadliest Warrior. Dropped as a standalone expansion in 2013 and teaming up with the famous historical TV show, Deadliest Warrior introduces a vibrant new locale and an excellent set of classes to delve into.

Samurai, Spartans, Vikings, Ninjas, and Pirates all prepare for brutal skirmishes, and the game’s precise dueling system inherits faster mobility. Samurai felt more agile, but Spartans and Vikings proceeded with brute force. Ninja wielded weak weapons but offered satisfying gameplay for those who could master the class, and Pirates was downright fun thanks to his utterly ridiculous Flintlock pistol. Reloading it when someone quickly drained my health was a thrill in itself.

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Each of these classes brought a new map reflecting their place in history. A good Spartan, his map was a Frank Miller and Zack Snyder fan’s dream come true, with holes to kick his opponents around. Chivalry 2 introduced new factions like He Tenosian Empire, but the game still lacks something distinctly different from the current class and weapon selection. Weapon skins can be applied to different subsections, such as swords, but the versatility available with deadly warriors is still unmatched in Chivalry 2.

The implementation of Chivalry 2 crossplay makes this opportunity even more compelling. More players than ever before are jumping into Chivalry 2 to experience the incredible carnage that its massive 64-player mode has to offer. Bringing his Deadliest Warrior into Chivalry 2’s overhauled graphics and technical traps is a clear advantage, but not necessarily one to be ridiculed. By expanding on the DLC’s premise, Torn Banner Studios could bring epic locations to key events in Samurai, Spartan, or Viking history with just the right spin.

Torn Banner Studios continues its promise of bringing free expansions to Chivalry 2. The recent Raiding Party update is finding its way into the game as it becomes available on PS Plus via the PS Plus May 2023 Free Games selection. Such a significant undertaking brought by its introduction to the game raises questions about whether the potential Chivlary 2 Deadliest Warrior DLC will be the game’s first paid expansion.

Having been addicted to console games most of my life, my first Chivalry game was my entry into the realm of PC gaming. It took me hours of laughter, cries and blood on the way. Deadliest Warrior has accelerated that entertainment to an unparalleled level. He’s definitely one of the best games to check out for wild chaos in multiplayer, and he hopes Chivalry 2 will come across that level of chaos in the future.

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