Chargers’ Quentin Johnston drafted to make mom’s retirement a surprise of a lifetime


B.Being selected in the NFL Draft is a huge achievement for an aspiring football player.for Quentin Johnstonformer TCU wide receiver and 21st pick in the 2023 NFL Draft Los Angeles Chargers, it was a dream come true. And above all, I was able to protect the people I care about.

The moment Johnston learned he would be selected was captured on video by NFL Films. This footage is part of the “Hey Rookie: Welcome to the NFL” series and shows a young player getting emotional when he hears the news. He was at his Dallas draft party surrounded by his family and friends, and the atmosphere was evocative.

As soon as the selection was announced, the crowd was jubilant and Johnston’s mother was by his side, full of pride. “That’s my baby!” she cried as her son wiped away his tears.

After the initial shock subsided, Johnston relayed the message to everyone in the room. He wanted his mother to retire, and he intended to make it happen. “I don’t want to work another day.”

The moment was captured on camera, and it’s clear that Johnston’s mother was moved by her son’s words. They hugged and she said she was proud of him.

Johnston has an opportunity in his life

Johnston’s contract is expected to be worth $14.2 million, according to Over the Cap, and it’s clear he appreciates the opportunity. never,” he said. “Being there, it’s a completely different feeling. I didn’t know I had the feelings I had, but it was an amazing feeling.”

Johnston’s story evokes the power of hard work and determination. It’s clear that he has worked tirelessly to get to where he is today, and he doesn’t take it for granted. His message to his mother is a testament to the love and support he received from his family throughout his journey.

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