Chael Sonnen believes Henry Cejudo has reconsidered retirement after Aljamain Sterling vs. Sean O’Malley stare


Chael Sonnen has a novel theory as to why Henry Cejudo didn’t retire after losing to Aljamain Sterling at UFC 288.

The three-time UFC title challenger and mixed martial arts broadcaster said the stares and near-muffled bout between Sterling’s bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley and Sterling’s teammate Merab Dvarishvili was what Cejudo said. I believe it gave me time to reconsider returning to retirement.

“He was going to retire,” Sonnen said Wednesday. MMA Hour. “I’ll tell you how I feel about it. He took off his gloves — at that moment he retired. They took too long to get to him.”

“Imagine that between the time he decided to retire and the time he finally got to him, you were in the ring, heartbroken, and Henry with gloves in hand. You’re going to throw them away, and you’re going to walk away, the right way.I regret the way I did it last time with the pipe bomb, unlike the last time.It’s actually going to be a ritual to say.

“Meanwhile, you’re looking at three men in the top ranks at their weight, all three doing what you want to do – one of them with a belt, One is stirring up the crowd, one is preparing to be the next man. You sat there and looked at him and said, “I want this, I want this all, and I want that from all of them.” If I leave, they will take everything. They won’t if I stay. he changed his mind. When he took the glove off, he would have retired by now, as he should have had it come to him sooner. They came to him too late. he changed his mind. “

Eventually, order was restored between Sterling, O’Malley and Dbarishvili, and UFC commentator Joe Rogan interviewed the glove-less Cejudo. The former two-division champion grappled with the question of what was next for his career.

“Like Ricky Bobby [in the movie Talladega Nights], if I’m not the first, I’m the last,” said Cejudo. “If you can’t beat Arjo — my biggest goal was for him to gain weight to 145 pounds. [Sterling]Then I don’t know where that puts me. “

Cejudo continued to question his future during the UFC 288 post-event press conference. But on Monday, Sejud reversed his course and called Dvalishvili to a fight, and the Georgian fighter was quick to respond.

Sonnen doesn’t understand why Cejudo shouldn’t continue.

“The official judge on Saturday said he was the worst guy in the world,” Sonnen said, referring to a score of 48-47 for Cejudo and 2-for-Sterling. Of course, he was still competitive, not to mention there were layoffs. I don’t think he was the best Henry we’ve seen.

“I thought he was digging really deep. There was nothing about retirement there from a sexual point of view, I’ll share it because it’s fun, but when he took off his gloves, he was done.Give him the mic. It took too long for him to do it, and he changed his mind.”

Sonnen, who has always been a promotional mastermind, doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with what happened after UFC 288, especially when it comes to Dvalishvili stealing O’Malley’s court.

“It was awesome. It was the best thing on television,” he said, adding: He gets in there like a school bully. He threw off his jacket and now faces the baddest man in the world. And one of him on the sidelines takes the coat and puts it on.

“Well, the problem is, Sean has to get his coat back, otherwise he’s not wearing a shirt. I have to go to the hotel without my shirt on, like an idiot, he has to get it back, so he goes to get it back, when he gets it back, this The principal of the story, “Arho,” cuts the promo in a place called the Backyard—I mean, I’m from Oregon. I go to Washington State, they’re my close neighbors, but it’s not my backyard. People who live on the East Coast may do things differently, but we should all pretend this is his friend.

“Fine. He’s cutting promos so we can get the best ever [in Cejudo], the person who removed the glove. Removing the glove sends a signal to Joe Rogan, who in turn signals Craig Borsali on the track. Don’t leave no matter what, this guy is going to retire soon and I need to buy 15 extra no matter what the cost – Dana doesn’t have time to deal with it. He has to go to the corner and give Merab the coat back to “Sugar” Sean.

“It was the biggest hour of the night, but nobody understood what was going on.”

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