Campaign Funds Disclosure Violation Due to Human Error


The 2021 Georgetown City Council candidate suffered numerous violations for failing to properly file financial documents with the office, according to documents filed in April by the South Carolina Ethics Commission. .
Ronald McInnis was the candidate for the Georgetown City Council in the 2021 special election and won the Democratic primary. He lost to Jonathan Angner in an election held in April of that year to fill the remaining term of Rudolf Bradley, who died in late 2020.
Since this was an election to fill the remainder of Bradley’s term, McInnis ran again to try to complete his four-year term. The primary for that race was June 2021 for him. Elections he will take place in November 2021.
McInnis won the primary again, but lost the November election.
McInnis told GAB News on Friday that the violation was due to an error in filing paperwork.
McInnis failed to submit a pre-election campaign disclosure report before the April 2021 election and before the June 2021 primary, according to Ethics Committee documents.
In December 2020, he failed to submit the spending form and failed to pay the submission fee from the campaign’s bank account.
The documents also state that McInnis personally used campaign funds at KFC on Jan. 6 and June 17, 2021.
The Ethics Committee states that McInnis did not submit many contributions made for the campaign, nor did he report many expenses paid by the campaign.
His unreported contributions totaled $1,900. Unreported expenses totaled him $4,526.82.
If McInnis chooses to hold a public hearing to protest the violation, it will be held on August 17 in Colombia.
McInnis: I’m indebted
McInnis said on Friday that the violation was the result of an error in the paperwork.
“Again, it was me who didn’t know what I was doing. I wasn’t filing my finances correctly and I’m in the process of fixing it all,” he said. said.
McInnis said the woman who helped him with his campaign papers retired during the campaign season.
“I had to do it myself after that, and it obviously didn’t work. I’ll straighten it out. It’s no big deal,” he said.
McInnis, program coordinator for Helping Hands of Georgetown, said finances are not his forte. He said helping people is his passion. He said he has no plans to run for public office again.
“My focus is on helping people, and that’s one of the reasons I’m not going back to politics. I’ve realized it’s not about helping people, it’s about awareness and complacency. It’s not what I am. More or less.”

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