Billion Dollar AUM Brothers and Sisters Practice Joins Cetera Network

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Rohlik Financial Group, an independent practice that oversees approximately $1 billion in client assets, has joined Cetera Advisor Networks in partnership with OSJ AdvisorNet Financial, the companies said.

Minneapolis-based Rohlik Financial, formerly affiliated with Regulus Financial Group, is the sister of Brent Rohlik, president and CEO, who founded the practice in 2009, and his brother, who joined the company of the same name in March 2021. is led by Suzanne Holt, a veteran of

The team also includes Rachel Stoneberg, Senior Director of Retirement Plan Services, Andy Irlbeck, Advisor, and two other employees.

The practice provides wealth management and retirement planning services to individuals, families and businesses in several major markets in northwest Illinois and Wisconsin.

Founded in 1959 and also based in Minneapolis, AdvisorNet Financial is one of Cetera’s largest branches with 240 advisors nationwide.

Rohlik and Holt said in a joint statement: “We look forward to hands-on collaboration with the AdvisorNet and Cetera teams as we continue to evolve our business and find new and innovative ways to serve our clients.”

In separate emails, Rohlik and Holt talked about their business and what each brings as a leadership team. Holt said teamwork is an integral part of their practice, especially for couples of clients.

“When a client works with one advisor instead of a team, one of the couples often feels ignored and stops asking important questions for both,” says Holt. say. “Together we bring a balanced set of skills to the table to ensure that every client feels safe to be heard and to keep themselves safe when discussing particularly sensitive topics. Allowing you to express yourself.”

Holt, who has more than 25 years of experience in the industry, said he has seen many clients go through the process of saving for retirement while trying to support a family and balance all their goals at the same time. As she approaches the threshold of retirement, she said her greatest satisfaction as a financial advisor is their success.

“I’ve been a certified financial planner for over 20 years,” she said. “The education gained with the designation provided an excellent foundation for planning and working with her clients.”

Rohlik originally planned to pursue a career in physical education, but after working part-time in the insurance industry, he worked full-time at an insurance and wealth management firm in St. Paul, Minnesota before starting Rohlik Financial Group. was established.

As a financial advisor with insurance experience, financial adviser Rohlik asked whether his non-billionaire clients would be able to save enough for retirement without running out of money if they lived to be 100.

“Everyone’s situation and goals are different,” he said in an email. “Saving the same amount of money will yield different results for different clients based on their goals. It is practical to show clients that retirement is possible.”

Rohlik said that as Holt and his team continue to expand their offerings in the wealth management and financial planning space, they have begun exploring the possibility of finding new partners suitable to support them.

“We started gathering information from other broker-dealers, talking to industry colleagues, holding meetings to learn more about what was out there,” he said. I checked the box for AdvisorNet felt like home from the moment I stepped through the door, they share our values ​​and the special professionalism and service they provide It’s closing out our team.”

Tim Stinson, president of Cetera Advisor Networks, said Rohlik Financial Group is a cultural fit for his company.

“The team at Lauric Financial Group shares our customer-first values ​​and vision and welcome them to Cetera Advisor Networks,” he said in a news release. “We believe Brent, Suzanne and their team are well positioned to achieve their goals and we are here to support them every step of the way. We are a good fit for Networks and look forward to working together for years to come.”

Cetera will have a record year in 2022 with assets exceeding $13 billion.

Home to more than 8,000 financial professionals and their teams, Cetera oversees approximately $322 billion in assets under administration and $115 billion in assets under administration as of December 31st.

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