Best Buy Sells ‘Razor’ E-Bike For Under $1,000

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Have you been waiting for e-bikes to be cheaper than ever before? Thank you for waiting, my friend.

Most readers are familiar with the Razor brand of scooters that became a childhood favorite in the early 2000s. The company still makes many scooters, but has since expanded its product line ( everyone else) Jump on the electric bike bandwagon. Now Razor has announced a new electric bike for adults. Retail price is surprisingly low at $999.

The Rambler 20 joins the company’s existing children’s e-bike models, which include the Rambler 12 and 16 models. All models can be found at: number one buy store or the Razor website ( Rambler 20 currently sold out).

The lithium-ion powered bike is “stylish, practical and affordable,” the company claims, and offers pedal-assisted cycling. more american every year. Sure, it’s a pretty cool look with its retro-style frame, chocolate-colored paint job, oversized balloon tires, and padded bench his seat.

“Not only have we made the Rambler 20 bigger, but we have also given adults the option to pedal, use electric pedal assist or rely entirely on the electric motor,” said a press release.

Let’s see how it holds up to the low-budget competition.

Razor Rambler 20
After producing two e-bikes for children, Razor released its first e-bike for adults, the Rambler 20. (Photo/Razor)

Razor Rambler 20: Details

According to company specs, the Rambler 20’s rechargeable 37V battery allows riders to travel up to 16.6 miles without pedaling. Balloon tires help the rider manage rough terrain, and the 500W hub his motor can generate speeds up to 19.9 mph.

In addition to full electric mode, it offers 5 levels of electric pedal assist. Dashboard display shows speed, battery life and power level. There are other expected bike features such as manual front and rear disc brakes and LED headlights and taillights.

However, these last features are important. For $1,100, Aventon’s Ride1Up Roadster v2 Closer to the price point of the Rambler 20, the single speed bike can only deliver 350W and lacks lights, racks, gears, fenders and disc brakes.

As another comparison, GearJunkie chose the Schwinn Coston CE Step Thru. Best budget e-bikes for 2023.This is a quality bike with a long battery range that lasts at least 25 miles.However, the suggested retail price is $1,800it also costs almost twice as much as the Rambler 20.

So if you’re looking for the absolute cheapest genuine electric bike you can buy new, this might be what you’re looking for.

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