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barotrauma is a co-op survival submarine simulator where players descend into the dark depths of Europa to complete missions and serve humanity’s last stronghold. Players must manage the complexity of their submarine and crew relationships to defend against many outside threats.

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Each player must choose the role they want to play and operate, each offering unique bonuses for different types of jobs. However, regardless of crew role, there are some important tools that help players for different purposes.

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Ten wrench

baro trauma wrench

A reliable wrench is one of the most important tools you need for a successful voyage. It is essential for maintenance and repairs and is most often equipped by mechanics. If desired, this tool can also serve as a close-range weapon, though it is unlikely to be effective against alien sea creatures the crew may encounter.

Wrenches can be crafted and upgraded using the Fabricator or purchased from most Docking Station vendors.

9 driver

barotrauma engineer

Screwdrivers are another must-have item used for maintenance and repair, but this time they are mainly used in the electrical sector, so they are often equipped by engineers. It can also be used for rewiring electrical components and connection panels.

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Like the wrench, this can also be used as a melee weapon, but it does very little damage, so use it only as a last resort.

baro trauma welding tools

One of the first and most important tools a player should always have close by is the welding tool. This is essential for sealing critical leaks, as it can repair cracks in submarine walls and hulls, as well as repair damage.

Players can also use it to weld doors shut in the event of a major breach or if an overwhelming number of alien enemies board the submarine.

7 flashlight

barotrauma guard

Another tool players won’t want to part with is the flashlight. Although relatively basic and obvious, this item can be overlooked when all is well. barotraumacrises and emergencies are always waiting.

One of the most catastrophic accidents that can occur on a submarine is loss of power, but it can also occur spontaneously to conserve the submarine’s overall energy use. In both cases the lights go out, leaving the crew in complete darkness, so having some form of light source is crucial to survival.

6 fire extinguisher

baro trauma fire extinguisher

Another important event in submarines and seagoing ships is the outbreak of fire. There are several ways to start a fire aboard a submarine, so it’s essential to always have an accessible fire extinguisher in stock.

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Fire not only damages vital equipment and blocks certain areas of the ship, but it can also damage the player, making it difficult to treat, especially if the crew does not have an experienced doctor.

Five oxygen tank

barotrauma assistant

probably the most important resource barotrauma Oxygen. It’s easy to take this for granted when all is well, but players who have experienced a breach have learned that it is often necessary to equip some form of diving gear and go swimming. You will understand.

Even some of the more difficult missions and repairs may require the player to venture outside the submarine and venture into the dark depths, where they are extremely vulnerable. Players become unconscious when donning diving gear with reduced oxygen levels. Depleted tanks can be refilled on the oxygen tank shelf or oxygen generator.

Four fuel rod

barotrauma fuel rod

Just like crews need oxygen, submarines need fuel to run and prevent getting stuck. Fuel rods can be inserted into a submarine’s reactor to prevent the submarine from shutting down.

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Ensuring this works smoothly is largely the responsibility of the Engineers, but the entire crew must always keep an eye on the submarine’s fuel supply and ensure that the Engineers have enough fuel rods to carry out the mission. need to do it. The fuel rods can be refilled with uranium or recycled into depleted fuel.

3 plasma cutter

barotrauma guard

Plasma cutters are the opposite of welding tools, destroying or tearing surfaces rather than repairing or sealing. In addition to breaking through welded doors, it can also be used to harvest certain minerals from caves, and can also make decent weapons compared to other standard tools.

Plasma cutters consume oxygen during operation. In fact, it can be sabotaged if a player accidentally equips Insendium fuel.

2 flare

baro trauma flare

Another light source that is temporary, but useful for both emergencies and caving, is flares. When activated, emits a large radius of light for just under 7 minutes. It often gives the player enough time to salvage items from the surrounding environment if necessary, or repair anything that needs fixing.

Unlike glowsticks, flares can float in water at varying depths and can be purchased from outpost merchants or crafted using a fabricator. However, when activated, it lures deep-sea creatures, but more advanced players may want to use this to create traps.

1 underwater scooter

BaroTrauma Underwater Scooter

Finally, one of the most important tools for any player adventuring from a submarine is an underwater scooter, as required for certain missions. This handy mini-vehicle helps players navigate through the water at speeds significantly faster than normal swimming, helping them avoid slow-moving predators and complete missions more quickly. can be purchased or crafted and requires battery cells to operate.

barotraumais now released on PC, Linux, and Mac.

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