Banker’s body found in Spanish villa


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Carsi, 40, was an analyst at a Scottish investment management firm.

An Edinburgh man has died of a suspected carbon monoxide leak at his Spanish villa, his wife is seriously ill.

Jaime Carsi, 40, was found dead by paramedics in his Mallorca home on Saturday, while Mary Somerville, 39, was found next to him.

Somerville is understood to be in critical condition at Manacor Hospital.

The couple, who are believed to be newlyweds, were staying in a rural property in Cala Mesquida in the northeast.

Mallorca’s Ultima Hora newspaper reported that Karsi and Somerville were married two weeks before the incident.

They were due to go on a boat trip on Saturday, and an alarm was raised when they didn’t show up.

Mr. Carsi was an analyst for a Scottish investment management firm.

“Warm couple”

A friend of the couple, Patti Montella, said in a social media post that he was a “magnificent soul.”

She wrote: “Jaime Carsi came into my life and lived in my heart many years ago in London.

“His smile and spirit are pure love.

“And when he married our precious Edinburgh daughter, sweet Mary, it was a marriage made in heaven.”

The couple were involved in the Edinburgh Interfaith Society, which aims to unite the city’s religious faiths.

“They were a warm and open couple who brightened up the room,” said Yin Stewart, director of the association.

“Jaime was a pleasure to be with. He was a very open and kind person. Being with Jaime made me feel good about myself.”

Somerville is a talented harpist who often performs at the association’s events.

Karsi said online that he was from Madrid but is believed to have moved to the UK as a child and moved from London to Edinburgh about six years ago.

Majorca police have confirmed that the incident is under investigation.

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