AthenaInvest CEO Tom Howard has been recognized by the Investments & Wealth Institute as Best of the Best in the Investment and Wealth Management Industry Awards.

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C. Thomas Howard Ph.D. CEO and Chief Investment Officer of AthenaInvest, Inc.

C. Thomas Howard Ph.D. CEO and Chief Investment Officer of AthenaInvest, Inc.

Journal Research Awards – The Journal Research Awards honor the authors of original articles closely related to investment consulting and/or private wealth management and published in the Journal of Investment Consulting or Retirement that represent the best writing of the previous year. . Management diary.

The 2023 winner is Dr. C. Thomas Howard’s paper, “Predicting Returns Using Behavioral Market Barometers,” published in the Journal of Investment Consulting. Howard is Professor Emeritus of the Lyman School of Finance, Daniels Business College, University of Denver and Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of AthenaInvest, Inc.

Article: Predicting Returns Using Behavioral Market Barometers

IWI Release: Investments & Wealth Institute Awards recognize the best of the best in the investment and wealth management industry. Newsroom 2023

About Athens Best

AthenaInvest is a boutique asset manager specializing in the application of behavioral finance to investment management. The firm offers a unique behavioral investment strategy that seeks to generate high performance with low correlation across the broad market. Led by Dr. C. Thomas Howard, AthenaInvest leverages its deep academic foundation and patented behavioral research platform to identify unique investment opportunities.

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