Arete Wealth Advisors LLC Acquires $932 Billion in Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. Equity, Highlighting Power Conversion Solutions Industry Potential

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On April 29, 2023, Arete Wealth Advisors LLC acquired a significant stake in Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:AEIS). Institutional investors bought 17,944 shares of the electronics maker for a staggering price of $932.908,560,000, according to recent Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

Advanced Energy Industries last reported earnings on February 8th of that year. The company reported that he earned $1.60 per share for the quarter. This beat the consensus forecast of $1.48 for him by an impressive margin of $0.12. The company showed his return on equity of 23.65% and his net profit margin of 10.82%. In that same quarter, Advanced Energy Industries posted his $490.7 million in revenue, beating analyst expectations of $477.03 million.

The company’s revenue increased 23.6% year-on-year, highlighting its position as a leading provider of precision power conversion solutions.

Advanced Energy Industries offers several products and solutions to its customers, including Plasma Generators, High Voltage Products, Low Voltage Power Supplies, Remote Plasma Sources, Temperature Measurement Products, SCR Power Controllers, Electrostatic Products, and Gas Sensors. .

Equity research analysts expect AEIS to report impressive earnings per share as it approaches “as a group” beyond the second quarter of 2023.

Acquisition of Arete Wealth Advisors LLC not only demonstrates AEIS’ market potential, but also explores investments in companies operating in innovative industries with high growth potential, such as power conversion solutions It highlights a wide range of institutional investors who are

In conclusion, Advanced Energy Industries’ reputation as one of the toughest competitors, with an extensive portfolio ranging from plasma generators to Ethergas distribution systems, cannot be easily ignored or downplayed.

Investment secures stake in Advanced Energy Industry (AEIS) as company demonstrates growth potential

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (AEIS) has recently seen changes in the positions of several institutional investors and hedge funds. SG Americas Securities LLC raised his stake in AEIS by 23.2% in the fourth quarter and now owns a total of 16,523 shares worth $1,417,000 after acquiring another 3,107 shares during this period. Cambiar Investors LLC also raised his 23.7% stake and during the same period he acquired an additional 5,636 shares for a total of 29,431 shares valued at $2,525,000. Mach 1 Financial Group LLC purchased new shares in Advanced Energy Industries worth $558,000 and ProShare Advisors LLC increased its stake to 14.9% after acquiring an additional 767 of his shares during that period, increasing its stake to $508,000. reached the dollar.

Northcrest Asset Management LLC also increased its bets by 2.2% from last year’s fourth quarter, with the 50-day AEIS moving average of $92.90 and the 200-day median moving average of $89.43.

Advanced Energy Industries is a leading provider of precision power conversion solutions such as plasma generators, low voltage power supplies and remote plasma sources.

The company recently announced a quarterly dividend, with an annual dividend yield of up to 0.47%. He has also received critical attention from Wall Street firms such as Benchmark, who confirmed the ‘buy’ rating that he raised his target price from $90 to $112. Citigroup has raised its price target on Advanced Energy Industries from $95 to about $114 per share now. Needham & Company LLC has also increased its target price from just $88 per share to about $112 per share now if shareholders buy his AEIS shares.

Institutional investors now own up to 98.72% of the company’s current stock yield and a market capitalization of $3.19 billion, making Advanced Energy Industries poised for growth and more in the future. seems to be ready for

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