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As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to think about the valuable contributions that mothers make to their families. Most people are aware of the emotional labor that mothers put into raising children, but many overlook the crucial role mothers play in managing the household finances.

It’s no secret that financial security is one of the basic pillars of a thriving home. In a country like the Philippines, where inflation is high and the economy is unstable, managing a family budget is no easy task. It requires a level of skill, care and attention to detail that only a mom can provide.

However, despite the important role that mothers play, they are often given little credit for their financial prowess. Instead, they are often dismissed as being stingy or intolerant. Whether it means learning to negotiate, looking for the best deals, or simply being mindful of what we consume, mothers have a knack for getting bang for their buck. increase.

As a mother who manages her own finances, I know firsthand how difficult it is to get the most out of every peso. , is really just frugal and thrifty. However, I know that managing the household budget is important for the smooth running of the household. As such, I take my role as the “Chief Financial Officer” (CFO) of my family very seriously.

Managing a household budget is more than just frugal and picking up spare change. It also requires a level of strategic planning to help families navigate uncertain economic ups and downs. From creating a budget to saving for the future, Mom is an excellent financial planner for her. They understand how important it is to plan ahead and invest in your family’s financial security.

Mothers also realize that life is not all about money. Their financial plans often go beyond numbers to value-based living. They understand that living a comfortable life requires not only income and budget, but also investment in experience, quality time with family, and doing the right thing for the community. I’m here.

This Mother’s Day, take time to recognize and appreciate the amazing moms who work tirelessly to support their families financially. It’s time to celebrate the shadow heroines of the household and give them the recognition they deserve, but let’s not forget her husband’s support in managing the finances and household finances. It takes a team effort to make everything work, and it’s important to thank both partners for their contributions. Together, mom and dad can lay a solid financial foundation for the family’s future.

So how do you thank your mother on this Mother’s Day? Here are some tips to show how important they are as her CFO at home.

First, why not take over some of the responsibilities for the day? Take charge of the household finances and show her how much you appreciate her hard work.

Second, try to give her a break from some of her daily tasks. Whether it’s cooking her favorite meal, spending the day at the spa, or spending quality time together as a family. please.

Finally, let’s be more conscious of our spending habits and work together to create a sustainable financial future for our families. can do. That’s something worth celebrating. Happy Mother’s Day!

Janice Sabitsana is a Registered Financial Planner at RFP Philippines. Personal Her Financials To learn more about her planning, join us for our 101st RFP program in May 2023. For inquiries, please email or text her on 0917-6248110.

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