Announcement of public comment offer about groundwater discharge regulation to city rain water flow sewer

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We hereby inform you that Proposed 21 DCMR 1600: Groundwater Discharge to Municipal Stormwater Sewer Systems (MS4) will be open for public comment upon its publication in the DC Registry in May 2023. The public comment period lasts for 60 years ( 60) days.

Current requirements (pre-regulation)

DOEE currently permits and oversees the discharge of groundwater to the district’s surface water bodies through the City’s Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). Wastewater passing through a combined sewer system or sewer system is monitored by DC Water. DOEE’s Groundwater Discharge Permit (GDA) program screens and inspects discharges into MS4 to ensure districts comply with NPDES permits and to prevent contaminated groundwater from reaching district rivers and streams. approve. DOEE’s program provides an efficient method of groundwater treatment for construction dewatering units and sump that collect groundwater in the basement of buildings.

Groundwater discharged into MS4 (see CSS and MS4 maps) must first be screened and approved by the DOEE. This includes water from drainage pumps in non-residential buildings and water from construction projects that encounter groundwater through excavation (such as buildings with basements and parking lots in areas with shallow groundwater tables). Application requirements include DOEE-approved groundwater characterization prior to discharge and planned wastewater monitoring during discharge. If you would like to know more about whether your site is eligible for a groundwater discharge permit and what steps you need to complete to apply, please contact us. [email protected].

Proposed regulation

DOEE has drafted a new set of regulations codifying the groundwater discharge permit program. The new regulations diligently protect the district’s surface water bodies while increasing the transparency and predictability of the application review and permit oversight process.These proposed regulations We recently received final approval to be listed on the DC Register. We will schedule public meetings to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to learn about the new regulations and ask questions before submitting public comments.

– Display proposed regulation in DC Register (tba)

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