Announced Winners: Financial Executive Awards


D CEO announced the winners of the 2023 Financial Executive Awards at a private event on Tuesday night on the Levy in the Dallas Design District. The program is offered in partnership with the Association for Corporate Growth, TXCPA Dallas, and Financial Executives International to honor her CFO and other financial professionals who play key roles in companies.

These leaders face particular challenges these days as they deal with extraordinary obstacles, spot opportunities, and grapple with uncertainty while anticipating the future.

All finalists will be honored in the May issue (d) Representative DirectorStay tuned for a photo recap and additional reports in the coming weeks.

Financial Executive Awards 2023 Winners

Emerging Leader in Finance

Michael Castaldo of Texas Security Bank

Texas Security Bank’s Michael Castaldo exceeded his loan and deposit goals by 210% last year. That’s pretty good. In recognition of his achievements, he was recently promoted to Vice President and Deputy Managing Director and is responsible for leading his team of three other bankers. Through the challenges he has faced in his career so far, Castaldo identifies his four key points: the resilience of his teammates, the importance of company culture, the importance of planning, and the importance of relationships. He said he learned the importance of


Ray Estep of Transmira

Whitney Franklin of JPS Health Network

CBRE’s Matthias Zatonil

Distinguished Internal Auditor

David Price of the University of Texas at Arlington

UTA’s David Price has chaired the Board of Directors for the Dallas Chapter of the DFW Chief Audit Executive Roundtable for the past eight years. He is also the first internal auditor to serve on UTA’s President’s Leadership Council. During his career, he led audit teams to identify vendor overbilling and fraud in excess of $25 million. Last year, UTA received approximately $6.2 million from the National Research University Fund. He and his audit team took a hands-on approach and got involved early. This gave the organization time to respond to audit feedback and make necessary course corrections well in advance of the submission date, resulting in the best possible results.


LaToya Duncan from EnLink Midstream

Jessica Grigsby of JPS Health Network

aTrack record of M&A finance

Tom Zelevski in Rumble On

Zelewski’s career has been filled with work on merger and acquisition deals that have shaped the North Texas community. He served as vice president of finance for AMR Global Services, his $550 million subsidiary of American Airlines, acquired several airport-related businesses, and acquired Saber from AMR Corporation as a spin-off of his corporation. involved in the out. He helped Petmate, an Arlington pet product manufacturer. Revenue reached $200 million and in 2011 he was sold to a private equity firm in Chicago. Most recently, North he led Texas-based Freedom Powersports to $225 million in revenue and its acquisition by Irving-based RumbleOn.

innovative finance team

Priority Power led by Joe Rohner

Priority Power closed out 2022 by refinancing existing debt and increasing its line of credit from $85 million to $250 million. The company currently manages approximately $3 billion in energy spending for more than 7,000 of his customers in 40 states, has completed $300 million in energy infrastructure projects, and has invested an additional $1 billion in various stages of development. are being invested in In the past 18 months, the finance team of 15 professionals has completed four significant investments, including the acquisition of Texas-based AB Power Advisors and the acquisition of Affordable Gas’ energy procurement, consulting and solar development business. completed the transaction. & Electric Company serves over 125,000 residential customers and over 1,000 commercial customers.


Dove Agency

Santander Consumer USA

True North Advisor


Excellent Chief Accounting Officer, Controller or Treasurer – Private Company

Karin Brown of Austin Industries

Last year, the winner was able to negotiate a $200 million line of credit over five years, knowing that her company had exceptional credit standing and wanted to take advantage of it before market conditions changed. Last 5 year contract. The effort has saved her at least $1 million. One of her key leadership strategies is to encourage team members to challenge the status quo and try new things and new processes. “It helps us keep improving and innovating,” she says.


Katy Casso of Ansira Partners

Barbara Georgakis of Westmount Realty Capital

Adam Powell of Balor

Outstanding Chief Accounting Officer, Controller or Treasurer – Public Company

AECOM’s Donna Burgess

Last year was a big year for Burgess and her team to implement a global transfer pricing strategy that aligns her company’s tax reporting with a “think and act globally” strategy. This included training senior executives, operations executives, finance, IT and legal teams around the world. The giant attempt was more complicated and took longer than expected, but was ultimately successful. According to Burgess, one of her key leadership strategies is enabling team members to do their jobs. “I know they are competent. I allow them to show that they are competent,” she says. “I can always help my team lead and direct them and they know I have their back. I will give you the top.”

Great CFO of a Small Private Company

John Stone on The Jackson Show

Moving into 2022, two achievements stand out for Stone. One is about numbers and the second is about people and culture. In terms of numbers, he led the execution of his $280 million real estate deal. This is important for his $10 million company, which has only a few revenues. In terms of people and culture, the winner transformed the company’s accounting and finance team from a “back office” group to a “front office” group. of their work. Deliberate movement has improved commitment, retention, teamwork, efficiency, and operational effectiveness.


Christine Frost in the world

Sohail Hamirani of Mohr Partners

Great CFO — Midsize Private Company

Dialexa’s Moe Haidar

Haidar was one of the early employees of his company and initially assumed both operational and financial leadership. Since then, he has led the company to rapid growth without external capital and continued to lead the finance team he built as CFO. He helped his team implement a new enterprise resource planning system in a fraction of the time it would normally take – during the pandemic. Most recently, he helped lead the company through its acquisition by IBM Consulting.


Don Clevenger on call

Scott Gressett of Oceans Healthcare

Greg Jaynes, LMC Landscape Partners

Jeff Peterson of Lightbeam Health Solutions

Michelle Probosti of RREAF Holdings

Outstanding CFO: Nonprofit

Marsha Beasley of the Parkland Health Foundation

Over the last year, Beasley has rethought the organization’s entire business model and focused on working with other social service organizations to provide a holistic patent offering. This means considering new funding arrangements and partnerships that were previously unthinkable. Requiring innovation and growth, our winners strive to provide teams with problem-solving skills that improve performance and team morale. Beyond healthcare, Beasley is committed to helping patients access the resources they need, improving outcomes and caring for the underserved and disenfranchised in our communities. increase. One way she’s helped her do that is by developing a tool to forecast earnings for her organization. This is especially important given the cyclical nature of philanthropy. Organizations have become more agile and stable in times of uncertainty.


Joshua Audi of Catholic Charity Fort Worth

DHA Chetana Chafekar

Robert Fries of Child Health

Jennifer Mitzner of Baylor Scott & White Health

Great CFO: Small Public Company

Manmeet Soni from Reata Pharmaceuticals

Soni is proud that his team has worked with federal regulators to bring new products to market that have had a life-changing impact on thousands of people in the United States. When navigating the regulatory hoops, winners know that developing leaders who challenge the status quo and ask the hard questions is critical to their success. Soni says that throughout his career he has learned that success is never a straight line and that he sees setbacks as opportunities for growth. As he puts it, “The ability to learn and adapt quickly in the face of obstacles is critical to sustaining a successful organization.”

Great CFO, Large Public Company

Misty Kawecki of DZS

Kawecki helped her company achieve record growth through both organic growth and software asset acquisitions. Software assets have helped generate significant shareholder value from the beginning. Last year was an important year. She has since led her company through her equity raising. Working in an entrepreneurial, customer-first, and fast-paced culture, one of her key leadership strategies is empowering employees to run their business as if it were their own. is to “This fosters a culture that fosters innovative ideas and change and supports improvement and growth,” she says.


Scott Cook of Toyota Credit

Ken Dodgen of Primoris Services Corp.

Scott Richardson of Celanese

Boeing Global Services Dan Winston

Constantine “Connie” Konstans Excellence in Corporate Governance Award

Larry King of the Private Directors Association

Larry King is an exceptional person to receive the award for having achieved a level of excellence in corporate governance through his vision, commitment, leadership, professionalism and ethics, and for inspiring people in the business world. is an example. King is the co-founder of her DFW chapter of the Private Directors Association and chairs the program committees for both local chapters and the national Private Directors Association.

King is also an active board member, and services over the past few years include a privately held, early-stage SaaS technology company in Dallas, another startup focused on blockchain, AI, and quantum technology. It contains. A public company in the managed service provider space, and Amegy Bank. “The companies I serve on boards and advisory boards will continue to face challenges in 2023 and beyond,” he says. “And I will draw on my experience to date and work with his fellow board members to provide oversight and guidance for navigating choppy waters.”

King has also made outstanding contributions over the years to the Association for Corporate Growth and other professional organizations. You would be hard-pressed to find a leader who is more passionate about promoting and serving his industry than he is.


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