Alabama venue cancels TED NUGENT show because of his ‘radical’ politics

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Ted NugentThe July 18th show at the Avondale Brewing Co. in Birmingham, Alabama was canceled thanks to his politics.

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The show was originally announced on Monday, May 1st and quickly garnered nearly 1,000 comments on Avondale Brewing’s Facebook page.comments in response to Ranging from “lost this show or lose my business” to “how grotesque to book such garbage” to “bringing this transphobic individual into our diverse neighborhood is a farce” was.

The Avondale Brewing Company has since canceled the show, deleted all posts about it, and posted the following statement:Procedure to cancel Ted Nugent The concert is scheduled for July 18th. ”

And all I know is the “Wow, Ted is too conservative for Alabama” joke! rice field. Nugent Since then, saying “Liars and haters can’t foolishly get drunk and argue with me-“, this can certainly be explained as English words assembled into structures that some people perceive as sentences. increase.

Nugent has spoken out against the transgender community in the past, recently saying, “There’s no such thing as transgender. You can’t change your gender. Being comfortably numb is actually disgustingly stupid.” Discuss me but bring your bib,” he tweeted.

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This is very much in line with all the active anti-trans rhetoric going on around. kid rock The beer company got mad at me. in short, Nugent Someone recently posted a video of him shooting Bud Light in a tank.

Ultimately, this all feeds into someone like NugentThe whole of “Look! They’re trying to oppress me!” If the venue’s customer base doesn’t want you to attend, they don’t want you to either. Simple like that.

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