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Three administrators of the Dunkirk City School District are retiring.

The Dunkirk School Board approved the retirement of Daniel Genovese, Al Gens and Constance Meginis last week.

Genovese, the school district’s director of student development, will retire on June 30. Athletic Director and Attending Supervisor, Gens, will retire on December 30. Meginnis, the middle school principal, will be retiring on October 21st.

The board and audience applauded all three individually at the meeting.

The district also hired several people, including nine alternates.

Zachary Meadows was hired as a clerk. Her deputies are: Erica Acevedo, Assistant Teacher. Gloria Gonzalez Hernandez, cleaner. Nelvelyn Maldonado Rivera, Community School Assistant and Teacher’s Aide. Alexis Schumann, teacher. Naimadys Soto Collazo, teacher. Alison Spachapoli, teacher. Ashila Velez Marin, cleaner. Westin VerHoef, teacher. and Ethan Yanny, a teacher.

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