A woman has died after being attacked by an alligator in a nursing home community in South Carolina. Her family says the developer’s artificial pond is to blame.



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  • A South Carolina woman’s family has filed a lawsuit against the nursing home community over her death.

  • Nancy Becker was killed in August 2022 by an alligator that wandered into her backyard.

  • Her family claims the developer ignored the warning signs and put them at risk.

A woman’s family in South Carolina has sued the developer of the retirement community she lived in, claiming the facility’s decision to install a pond led to her tragic death.

In August 2022, Nancy Becker, a resident of the Sun City Hilton Head community for residents over 55, was killed by an alligator. Becker’s family, in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against property developer Dell Her Webb, alleges the community did not adequately protect residents from nearby predators.

Her family alleges in the complaint that Becker was disgraced by Del Webb “by designing and constructing ponds and ponds within the community that attract predators and hazards, such as alligators, without adequate safeguards and protection.” He said he was in a stable position.

Her family said she was helpless when the alligator ended up in Becker’s backyard.

Del Webb did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

The lawsuit, filed in Beaufort County, South Carolina, includes allegations of negligence and also names the Sun City Community Association and one of its employees as defendants. Tammy Hayes, an employee named as the defendant, was responsible for alligator culling and hunting permits at the facility, Becker’s attorney said in the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, the company had applied for annual permits to hunt and cull crocodiles, yet was unable to install proper barriers and nets, and was “particularly aware of the aggressive nature of crocodiles in the community.” attacked and killed Becker.”

The family also sued Del Webb for misrepresenting the safety of the facility to older residents.

“Becker was safety conscious. The claim that he could live safely in the community and be safe in his home and adjacent land was an important consideration in Becker’s decision to move to the community,” said Becker. lawyer said in the lawsuit.

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