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release date: Thursday, May 11, 2023 at 2:18pm

For those with an entrepreneurial or adventurous spirit, moving abroad can seem exciting. It allows people to step out of their comfort zone, broaden their horizons and expose themselves to new cultures. But while living in a new place is an adventure, there are also important aspects of life and business that must be carefully addressed to ensure success abroad. These aspects include any financial need that requires a high degree of specialization, skill, and in-depth knowledge of how the financial and legal system works in the new country.

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Traditionally, when new residents arrive in the UAE, they have to work with several organizations who can help them with setting up bank accounts, managing their wealth, arranging UAE residency documents, and even renting or buying property. . People spend countless hours contacting banks, financial planners, brokers, and government agencies just to settle into a new place of residence. Obviously, this process is stressful and time consuming. But thanks to For You Commercial Brokers (FYCB), a financial concierge like no other, all these challenges are solved with just a few contacts stored on your phone.

Who is your commercial broker?

For You Commercial Brokers is a financial concierge that anyone living in the United Arab Emirates can turn to for assistance with any financial need. Whether it’s opening a bank account, applying for residency, or managing investments, FYCB is dedicated to helping clients with all their financial questions. We do not outsource your financial operations to a third party, we handle them ourselves, so you can receive financial and asset management with peace of mind. Endless phone calls, hours spent on the web, and general stress are gone when you come to For You Commercial Brokers and get support in the following areas:

Trading assets on the global market can be very difficult, but with the help of For You Commercial Brokers, this task is simplified and taken care of. FYCB is a team of professionals with deep knowledge and decades of experience in acquiring, trading and managing assets. As the world’s premier wealth management firm, FYCB offers clients the ability to place their assets in the hands of a broker who advises them on making the best financial decisions towards their current and future goals. I’m here. Today, Commercial Brokers has over $800 million in assets under management, a testament to Commercial Brokers’ expertise and the public’s trust in that expertise.

The UAE’s economy is stable yet growing, making property investment in the UAE highly lucrative and promising. It is one of the safest countries in the world and offers very affordable real estate to expats. With FYCB in your corner, such investments are even easier. CB’s team of real estate experts does all the heavy lifting for you, researching and advising on the best real estate options to fit your lifestyle and financial goals.

For You Commercial Brokers will guide you through every step of the real estate acquisition, from choosing a project, making the necessary selections and payments, to obtaining a certificate of title. Combining the many benefits of owning property in the UAE with the professional assistance of For You Commercial Brokers makes the whole experience seamless for those just starting out in the UAE.

Bank account and UAE residency

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles to living in a new country is establishing residency, which is key to the UAE’s economic security. For foreigners trying to handle this process on their own, it can take weeks or even months to complete. However, For You Commercial Brokers will help him get his immigration status within 3 business days and allow him to apply for a bank account. For You Commercial Brokers was happy to deliver these results to over 350 customers, moving their lives and businesses forward quickly.

Who Benefits from Commercial Brokers?

For You Commercial Brokers is a dynamic financial concierge service aimed at saving time and money for clients looking to establish themselves in the UAE and manage their financial goals. This company has a mission to benefit both newly arrived residents and those who choose to invest in the expansion and growth of this company.

Arriving in a new country is never easy, but For You Commercial Brokers can be a great resource to help new residents establish paperwork and finances. Best of all, everything related to immigration to the UAE is handled by this one group of brokers, minimizing stress levels and the time required for these tasks.

Since its inception, For You Commercial Brokers has put its clients at the heart of its day-to-day operations. Every action a broker takes is in their best interest to ensure the financial success of their clients.

Those who choose to invest in the For You Commercial Brokers mission will find it a worthwhile adventure. The company’s explosive growth over the past two years since its inception shows great promise for the future. Due to the company’s first-class approach to all aspects of financial services, FYCB continues to attract many new high-value customers every day.

The success of For You Commercial Brokers owes much to the company’s commitment to working only with partners who have a proven track record of success in the financial world. Additionally, because human capital is the most valuable resource in any business, each agent working at For You Commercial Brokers is handpicked and treated with the highest priority. As a result, the company has become a huge success and he is expected to grow 2x, 4x over the next few years.

Expert support for your commercial broker

For You Commercial Brokers’ successful growth is largely due to its being founded by Nikita Dyakov and Artem Gerasimov. Both men combine vast knowledge and experience gained from decades of work in the financial industry to provide the highest quality services in the market.

Nikita Dyakov, CEO and Founder

Nikita Dyakov is the CEO and co-founder of For You Commercial Brokers. He has over 10 years of experience in the financial industry. He worked for various international banks such as Citibank and Alphabank. After proving himself to be an expert in all things finance, he has also won business development director positions in well-known companies such as Alfa Asset Management Europe and Luna Wealth Cyprus.

Artem Gerasimov, Founder and Partner

As successful as Nikita, Artem Gerasimov has 15 years of experience in various positions in financial institutions. His areas of expertise include asset management, business development, and building effective relationships with clients and partners. In addition to his leadership role at For You Commercial Brokers, he is also a partner at Luna Wealth Cyprus.

Nikita and Artem have a long history in the financial industry and are familiar with the difficulties and challenges that many face when dealing with financial matters. Thanks to their industry insights and personal work, they have been able to formulate a solution that enables clients to receive first-class service for managing all their financial needs. In the UAE, it is becoming a go-to resource for professionals and individuals needing banking, investment and real estate assistance.

Do you want a simplified solution to all your financial needs or are you looking for new investment opportunities in the UAE? With For You Commercial Bankers everything is possible. Visit our website today to learn more about the company and its vast range of services.

— Kiara M is a spokeswoman for United Press UK.

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