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BUTLER COUNTY, Pennsylvania — A Newcastle man and longtime employee of the Butler Eagle died early Thursday morning after a head-on collision near the Butler County fairgrounds.

Tammy Shuey, general manager of Butler Eagle, told 11 News about Jim Barge.

Burge, 65, was shot dead on Route 422/New Castle Road in Franklin Township just after 1:00 am.

“He had just finished his shift here and was on his way home to Newcastle when the accident happened,” Shuey said.

Cassandra Clyde, 24, crossed the center line and ran head-on into a barge, killing him, according to state police.

According to police reports, Clyde was taken to hospital with serious injuries, and a homicide charge by a vehicle under the influence is pending against her.

“If so, it is very sad that a man we care about died because of such carelessness,” Shuey said.

Clyde was arrested for DUI last April and completed an accelerated rehabilitation program, according to court filings.

According to court records, the Butler County DA filed for dismissal of Clyde’s 2022 DUI charges on May 2, 2023.

Burge, meanwhile, was scheduled to retire on May 16 in less than two weeks.

“He was so excited to retire and spend time with his wife, Lisa, kids and grandchildren,” Shuey said.

Barge worked in the printing department of Eagle Papers and spent nearly ten years in two separate stints.

“He had a career in the printing industry and worked for multiple newspapers, including The New Castle News, The Washington Post, The Youngstown Vindicator, and many more, not just us.” Shui says.

During this difficult time, Schuey says the Burge family is in the hearts of everyone on the press.

“I’ve talked to his wife and it’s obviously difficult,” she said. “We will continue to stay in touch with her and offer any assistance we can.”

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