2023 Elections Broke Confidence

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World Trade Organization (WTO) Director-General and former Finance Minister Dr. Ngozi Okonjoyweala said “a lot of trust” has collapsed after the 2023 general elections, and no government will achieve growth and progress. I insisted that I couldn’t. First, I had to build trust. ”

Speaking at an inauguration ceremony organized for an elected governor in Abuja on Monday, Okonjoyweala said nation-building is impossible without trust.

“If taking into account the broader global context is one prerequisite for successful nation-building, another prerequisite is trust and a sense of common purpose,” she said. .

“I am still convinced that a better future is within the reach of all of us. There is a need to form agreements to pursue pro-growth and pro-development policies.

“We should aim to double the rate of growth and maintain that high growth until we reach upper-middle-income status. You can also aim to double it to 2. Building such a compact requires trust.

“Nation building is impossible without trust, and perhaps especially so in Nigeria. Even before independence, generations of leaders who set us free recognized how important trust is to the success of a nation. was doing.

“Dear Honorable Governors, let me be candid: Trust in Nigeria has always been fragile, but after the election, a lot of that trust has been broken.

“Nigeria is a country without a social contract, which means that Nigerian political leaders, regardless of ethnicity or political persuasion, are committed to adhering to a common set of principles, values ​​and policies that are consistently brought to life for their people. It means that we could not agree with each other on

The former finance minister said the incoming governor will need to rebuild trust through policies and programs to win back the support of the Nigerian public.

“Your Excellency, you have much work to do, both within and between states. You need to show through your words, actions and policies that Nigerians are loved equally. Being able to settle and do business in any part of the country.I have a deep love for Nigeria and I want to feel welcome wherever I am in this country,” she said.

“Just as various states need to rebuild the perceptions of people across Nigeria, we need to collectively rebuild Nigeria’s brand in the broader regional and international economy. .

“National narratives are important in capital allocation decisions, especially for emerging market and developing economies. I followed suit.

“Recognizing that our country accounts for about 70% of the GDP of the West African subregion and 23% of the GDP of sub-Saharan Africa, we have earned respect not only in our country, but in the region and subregion. I was.

“We must continue to recognize that Nigeria has a huge role to play at home and abroad, and we must manage it better, not only for ourselves, but for the rest of Africa. it won’t.”

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